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[Arshil]'s Application to Lead SANEWS Empty [Arshil]'s Application to Lead SANEWS

Post  $Arshil$ on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:39 pm

SANews Application

IC Information

Arshil Haque
911 Ganton , Los Santos.
Twenty (( 20 ))
Phone Number:
Two(( 2 ))
Derbyshire Internation Institution.
Photo of applicant:

Arshil Haque was born in 'Derby Shire Children's Hospital' on 2nd October, 1993. He is been living there for almost seven years with his father Ekram, Mother Zoya, and his brother Adil.They have been living a nice peaceful life in a noble place. Arshil's father,Ekram, was a well known Lawyer, His mother, Zoya, was a simple and good housewife. Arshil was like all other kids and very interested in studying about automobiles.

Arshil attended "Derby Shire International Institution" on the age of three. They moved to Los Santos when Arshil was 7 years old.
One day, In Los Santos, Some gang owner had lost a case about a murder and his father won it, The gang members came to their house and burnt his parents..He came from school and saw that his father and mother is dead, and they left his brother..He was thrown out of the school as he had no money...then he got some jobs as bar-tending and a guy helped him learn Mechanic skills..and about Automobiles..

He started working as a mechanic and use to earn money to help keep his brother in safety and in shelter,After he got money to buy cars, he started buying cheap cars and selling them for high prices by making them better , as he knew many things about automobiles, after some years when he was sixteen years old, he got a degree on Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics. He was a very peaceful and noble man.

He got a job in Carmichael's business located in market near Rodeo..He worked their for one year and after
Police came and Caught the owner as drugs use to be smuggled there..His brother betrayed him joining a gang called Bad Boys Society..His brother left him alone in his life...He thought to sucide but he lived his life begging and working as a mechanic.

After Many years when he became Eighteen years old, He saw an advertisement about a Hotel called "Lucky 38 Hotel and Casino", The advertisement was that the "Lucky 38 Hotel and Casino are looking for workers". He went there and successfully passed his test and was employed to work there as a bartender.He was a professional bartender, as he worked as a bartender in Carmichael's place..for a year.

Arshil Haque is now living a peaceful and a beautiful life, He became a millionare but still he don't give up, He still wants to earn more money and he wants to be an asset for something..He hopes , His life should be more and more and more better...He still don't give up, He has many promises to keep that he made to himself, He is a great man, He always believed in a quote his father taught him and that was " Miles to go away before you sleep " , This line has bring him today to a great position and also made him a great peaceful,honest man.
Why do you want to be a news reporter?
First of all I want to be a news reporter because I know that I i have the skills that News reporter should have, I have been always helping and supporting all the news reporters, I respect them a lot, I know that i can be an asset for the Sanandreas News team, I want to be one of the greatest members of Sanandreas News, Whenever a event was held by Sanandreas News , I try very hard to win it , i get a lot of confidence on myself, I know that i can help Sanandreas News a lot, I want to make some money too and also want to explore the world of News, I love to describe what happened or is happening..I want the whole Sanandreas to hear my reports, I want to be the best reporter ever.
Why should we accept you?
I think I should be accepted because I am always honest, I never lie, I can help Sanandreas News a lot..I want to earn some money,I want to meet different kinds of people, I want to make a good and honest group of friends, I know that i can find it in Sanandreas News because I never saw a reporter of Sanandreas News behaving bad or lying..I want to be more better person, I want to help Sanandreas grow up, I want the people of Sanandreas to know what is going on around Sanandreas.
And my last wish is to be famous around Sanandreas and to be the Director of Sanandreas news.
An example news story of choice:
**Sanandreas News music plays**
Good Morning Sanandreas, This is your favourite news reporter Arshil Haque. Today, I am here with a great and wonderful news.
So Sanandreas..As we all heard long ago that there would be a big hotel called "Lucky 38 Hotel and Casino" in the city of Los Santos. I heard the construction of the hotel has began and the hotel would be nowhere else than our favourite place, You all know what i mean...It would be in the North of the Star Tower! I heard that this hotel would provide us with great service and would have a big casino inside it, It would consist of three hundred rooms, There would be different kinds of classes for people, The price would depend on the class of the rooms.This hotel would be a great asset to Sanandreas and would be one of the best among all the hotels in Sanandreas , And ofcourse Sanandreas , Before a great problem occurs , I would like to inform that the construction has began in the road north to Star Tower and Driving slow out there would be safe for all of us, There are speed limits given out there and also Traffic police are there for all time duty, Its better for all of us to drive slow, And yes Sanandreas , Today we will be hosting an interview with Obie Jones , the Owner of the "Lucky 38 Hotel And Casino", he would tell us everything that the Hotel would provide us and Yes! Great thanks to him for making such a great thing in Sanandreas.
Stay tuned Sanandreas, The interview would be held soon enough.
This was your favourite reporter Arshil Haque.
**Signing Off**

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