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In-Character Information

First Name: Tom

Last Name: Cruise

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 24

Contact Number: -20

Place of Birth/Origin: County Ventura, Los Venturas

Employment: Mechanic

Current Address: 20 Jefferson street, Los Santos

Years lived in San Andreas: 2 Years

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No

Have you ever served time in prison? No

Can you communicate effectively in the English language? Yes

Do you have a Drivers License and a Weapons License? Yes

Have you ever been in a gang or criminal organization? No

Do you posses any Law Enforcement knowledge? No

Do you know your way around San Andreas well? Yes

Why do you wish to join the Federal Bureau of Investiguation?
I wish to join the Federal Bureau of Investiguation to assist, support, and improve the department's capability to protect and serve the public. I want to provide my services and duties to make the Los Santos area an overall better place for society.

Why do you think, out of all the applicants, you will be the one to be employed?
I am ambitious, hard-working, honest, and have integrity. I know my way around a firearm, and I also am a decent driver. I'm not the most outspoken person in the world, but I try to remain profession and have tact.

Life Biography:
I, Tom Cruise, moved to Los Santos eight years ago after living in Simi Valley, which is located in Ventura County, California. I had lived my entire life in Simi Valley, and I had intended to stay there, but after I graduated from USC with a bachelors degree in Computer Science I could not find a job in my hometown. In my youth, I mainly focused on my schoolwork. The only sport I ever got into was soccer, but I wasn't too fond of it and only played it for three years. I stayed within the top five percent of my class, occasionally getting picked on for it, and spent the majority of my time around technology and computers. In my early childhood, I would dream of being an astronaut, firefighter, and all of these prestigious jobs that many children adore to, but in my teens I really knew what I wanted to do, write computer programs.

Most of my high school career was spent learning all about programming and the specific details of the languages. Most of my colleagues would've said that I was probably the most shy person they had ever met, and how "bottled up" I was. I went through high school and college like this. Nevertheless, I was the most diligent person you could meet. If I was tasked with or put my mind to something, it would get done. I wasn't going to let someone or something stand in my way of doing something. After college I spent a few months looking for a job nearby, but I found none. My father had been helping me by asking some of his co-workers, and he found an excellent job in a town called Los Santos. It paid well and had hours that fit my schedule perfectly. I worked the next eight years of my life with that same company.

I was satisfied until three weeks ago. I just couldn't sit in front of a computer for countless hours typing code anymore. It was as if a major epiphany had fallen over my life. I saw what others had been doing with their lives such as firefighters, policemen, etc and I realized that I could benefit my community, my state, and my country a hell of a lot more as a public service member than I could as a programmer. Sure, the pay isn't nearly the same, but I could care less. I would rather live in a 600 square foot apartment and know that I'm really doing something with my life, then living up the dream in a huge house with everything I want sitting on my ass all day.

So, I put in my resignation, which was obviously accepted, and began looking into the Federal Bureau of Investiguation Granted, I had never really studied in that field, or even thought about it, but I knew that if I set out to do something that I would accomplish it. With that being said, I hope I can enter this career and pursue my dream.

Out-of-Character Information

Age: 16
Sex/Gender: Male
Country of origin: Cyprus
Timezone: GMT +2
How long have you been playing on this server? Since yestarday
Do you have any other accounts? No
Past Character Names and Levels: N/A
Have you been warned/banned? If so, how many times were you warned/banned and what were they for? N/A
Your past roleplay experience/history: N/A
Do you have any previous roleplay experience as a cop? No
Have you read the information regarding the minimum requirements? Yes
Your character's stats (screenshot):

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