L.S.P.D Application Format

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L.S.P.D Application Format  Empty L.S.P.D Application Format

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:52 pm

All Information Is importent Don't miss If miss u Will Be Denied.And u need to wait For accept application And We also Watch u in game u r behave in game with another people.

First name --

Last name --

Date of birth --

Gender --

Age --

Bith place --

Stats --

Contact --

Address --

Photo of applicant ((Screenshot of character's face)) --

Valid Licenses --

Currunt job --

Past job --

Section in Lspd--

Special activity --

Criminal record --(if yes which crime for arrest

Why u wish to join LSPD --

Biography(Minimum of 300 Words --

Name --

Country --

Forum Name --

Number of Ban --

English knowledge (0/10) --

I hereby agree that I have truthfully and honestly provided all information contained within this application.

your Chief

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