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[$Arshil$]'s Helper Application. Empty [$Arshil$]'s Helper Application.

Post  $Arshil$ on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:33 pm

Community Helper Application

IG Name
Arshil Haque
When did you approximately join the community?
February 2013
Why would you like to become a Community Helper?

Well I know all the way of the San Andreas and all the rules and terms from which I can help Newbies.I have Ability to help newbie's as I am doing it from many years.I know many ways to Deal with newbie and help them.I got many ways to teach them everything about the Server((RP an OOC Terms)).From this stage i want to be a good and Famed member of this Community by doing hard work So I can get a chance to join the Admin team or Something like that.

Well as I am Bored from all this thing helping on /newb and /joinhelp after that i asked someone where to join the Community helper team and he answered me only on website and all.He tells me that Community helper join system is totally Changed then afterwards I scroll my mouse and Here to Apply for the Community helper Team.
Why should we choose YOU and not any other applicant?
Because,As you know that i have already taste the Community helper team and I know how to Deal with all the Newbies and I don't want to accept mine or forcing you to do that I just want justice to everyone if you think that I am Fit for this job then you can accept my application.

I have got Experience,I am Innocent,Honest and I don't Break rules that is made by this Community.If you see my Past Records that all are good and Knowledgeable and Listen to my Higher ranks and sometimes if smaller authority is Right i try to listen and Judge them to.I have a fame in this community and I want to Continue that fame by helping Newbies with my Knowledge and teach them with my New Techniques so that they can't break rules.At Last I want to be get selected if there is no other application better then mine if there is any better then mine you can Deny mine with Specific reasons.I believe that i can help this community in my best ways and my best Knowledge as i have Dedication to serve for this Community I know that I can Succeed in doing it.I am Active person. I feel it will be a easy but challenging task for me to take. So as said, I'll love to be part of the community helper's and move on into other ranks and ways at the same time, but if there is someone that might be more prepared or ready I'd let them go.
Do you have a microphone?
Do you have TeamSpeak?
Do you agree that if you do not stay active, you will be removed without notice?
Have you read the Community Helper Handbook?
Do you understand that being a Community Helper requires a lot of your time?


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