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Community Helper Ranks

There are four main ranks of being a Community Helper, and each rank has their own different tasks they should concentrate more so on. Each rank that is gained, is one step closer to becoming a Community Advisor. Below you can find the four ranks of a Community Helper with a short task description.

Community Helper: Regular Helper.

Junior Helper: Been noticed for your efforts, and management is keeping an eye out.

Senior Helper: Trusted Helper, and will be given some basic forum work to complete.

Head Helper: High management, in charge of all Helpers, next in line for Community Advisor.

Good & Bad Examples of Answering Requests

When assisting new players in /n , it's ALWAYS better to explain all your requests in detail to assure that players fully understand what's being said and to prevent confusion. Some questions can be answered simply by saying the name of a command for example, but if it's possible to explain in detail about where to input the commands and such, it's always better to do so. Below are a few examples of good and bad examples of how to answer questions.

"How to get to the pizza boy job?"

Bad Answer: "It's in San Fierro, /service taxi if you're lost!"
Good Answer: "It's located at Pier 69 of San Fierro, northwest of SFPD. /service taxi to get there and when you're there, /join at the job icon."

Simply saying the job is in San Fierro and telling the player to /service taxi isn't very informative. San Fierro is generally a huge, populated city as well as the other cities in San Andreas. It's more helpful to list street names or landmarks when telling a player where a job location is. It also wouldn't hurt to answer a potential question they may have about obtaining the job.

"What is DM?"

Bad Answer: Deathmatching
Good Answer: "Deathmatching is killing another player without RP reason. It can equal to OOC jail for 1-2 hours and weapon restrictions."

These kind of server offense related questions are asked all the time, and most answer with just the term and not the definition/etc. If a new player just only knew what death-matching was for example, based off what the abbreviation means, that player wouldn't know if it was against the rules or not.

"How do I join LSPD?"

Bad Answer: "Apply on the SG forums at ."
Good Answer: "You must be level 5+ to join LSPD. Apply at > Factions > LSPD. Make sure to read the requirements."

This help saves someone's time by letting them know directly that they need to meet specific requirements to join the LSPD. Just informing them to apply on the forums doesn't help the player out very much, as they are left clueless as to where to apply, whats expected of them and more.

"Where can I buy a house?"

Bad Answer: "Check /ads to see where houses are available."
Good Answer: "You can either view /ads > Search > House.

Purchasing a house can be done in more than just one way, and this goes for any other item which you can get in-game

"When I buy a lock, it doesn't work on my car! Why?"

Bad Answer: "Go inside a 24/7 and do /buy."
Good Answer: "That's a vehicle lock. While inside a 24/7, do /buy > Industrial/Electrical Lock and choose the vehicle number that's shown.

From a personal experience as a new player at the time, I can't stress how difficult it was for me to buy a lock for my car and wonder why it didn't work. So I know how easily a new player to the server can be confused at how to purchase a lock.

These are just a few examples of how to answer questions, in a good or bad way. There's two ways to answer every question

Helping on Teamspeak

*You must identify yourself as a helper through your name. It should be like so:
[Comm. Helper] *Name*
[CH] *Name*

*You are not allowed to go AFK in the Community Helper's Desk*
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