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Valentino's Gang Application. Empty Valentino's Gang Application.

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Gang Name: La Valentino Familia

Gang Leader: David_Cartman

Co-leaders (maximum of 2, optional): Louis Kartman


Background story of the gang (minimum of 1,500 words):

Part I: In the beginning

The Valentino Family was an Italian-American based Crime Family that was made up by Salvatore Valentino, father of Mark Valentino and husband of Maria Valentino. Salvatore was 26 years at the time when Maria gave birth to Mark.Salvatore lead the biggest Crime Family in Liberty City and was a clan of the Sicillian Mafia, La Cosa
Nostra. In 1992, Salvatore Leone migrated the Valentino Family to Las Venturas where he purchased shares of a famous Casino "Caligula's" he then partnered up
with Paulie Sindacco, Don of the Sindacco's as well as the Forelli Mafia.

Few months later, Carl Johnson, brother of Sweet Johnson and leader of Grove Street Families along with Wu Zi Mu owner of Red Dragon Casino and leader of
the Triads planned a robbery upon Salvatore's share holding Casino and was successful. Leaving Salvatore with no investments. Two years later, on a saturday
morning Salvatore was at a Well Stacked Pizza Co. with his wife and son drinking coffee and having breakfast when a red two-door Sabre pulled up and fired
at him, leaving his son and his wife, Maria, unharmed. Salvatore was shot five times, once in the head, once on his neck and three times on his chest but
he was alive and spent several months in the Los Santos All Saints Hospital.

After recovering, going back to his villa in Las Venturas he found his nephew Luigi and one his Capo Toni Cipiriani waiting for him. Next few days Luigi, Toni and Salvatore spent it at the house planning to move back to Liberty City where they can take control of the sex
and drug trafficking game. Luigi and Toni would start this business and be his underbosses while he stayed in Las Venturas and laid low while Sindacco and
Forelli's were looking for him, he would then wait a couple years before joining them in Liberty City.

Part II: Back to Liberty City

Four years later after his almost fatal incident in Las Venturas, Salvatore was back in Liberty City and was working his way up to the top. Leading the small
mafia clan Leone Family, he wanted to get known and the only way to do so was to start either a war or partner with another Crime Family. Liberty City was ran
by Sindacco Mafia, Triads, Colombian Cartel, Forelli's and much much small crews. In late 1998 Salvatore decided to get to the top he had to start a war.
Setting out a hit on the Sindacco's as a payback, Salvatore managed to kill the Don, Paulie Sindacco and take over his whole Mafia. The Forelli's then partnered
with the Sicilian Mafia attempting to get rid of the Leone's but the attempt failed and lead to the death of the Forelli associate who was the Mayor, Roger Hole,
and also critically injuring Sicilian Mafia leaders.

Salvatore was on his way to the top and there was nothing stopping him. Luigi, Salvatore's underboss then managed to take over a well-known Strip Club known as
the Red Light District and renamed it to Luigi's Sex Club 7.Salvatore was now making money from each end of the city being ran by Luigi and Toni and his other Capo's.
With all the money came greed, wanting even more money, Salvatore expanded his family and was now bringing in not just family or italians, he was now recruiting
outsiders and associates moving into the drug chain and gun trade.

Part III: The take over

After taking over the whole of Red Light District, Salvatore decided to let Luigi and Toni be the lead men to expand the Organization they started. They then
planned for China Town which was the base of the Triads and Hepburn Heights home of the Diablos. Knowing the Triads were much bigger and organized, Toni put out
a hit on the Triads leader, Kazuki Kasen, which ended up being successful they then began a war with Triads leaving the Leone Mafia weak and vulnerable to the
Diablos. Salvatore then sent Mark Leone, his son, to Portland because he didn't want his son getting involved in the Crime Family and also the fear that they
would target his son for murder.

A fews years later passed and the Leone's got weaker and weaker whilst the Diablo's grew and Triads took over their turf, Toni and Salvatore had began planning
another big attack before the Colombian Cartel could do it first. James Piccolo, friend of Salvatore was murdered by the Triads in their own turf. Triads then
attacked Luigi's Sex Club 7 in attempt to kill him but Luigi was out of town and thus they failed. Salvatore is then introducted to Claude an associate of Toni
and Maria. He orders Claude to destroy the Triads main supply the Fish Factory and kill almost every high ranked Triad left as payback for killing his friend.
Salvatore then works with Claude making him his personal outside hitman whilst taking over all of the Triads turf, leaving them to flee to Portland and surrounding

Part IV: The death of Salvatore.

A few months after gaining control over half the city leaving only the Cartel's left. Salvatore attempts to make a deal with the Colombian Cartel which is denied because
Claude destoryed their ship and they wanted Claude dead and the only way they would deal with Salvatore was if he got rid of Claude. After a failed attempt to murder Claude,
Salvatore's wife had enough of the life she was living and wanted to start a new one. Maria takes off with Claude and arranges an assaination with the help of former Triads' leader's
brother.Salvatore is murdered by Claude at a secret meeting held on top of a parking lot with several high ranked members of the Leone Family and Colombian Cartel.
Maria and Claude then run off to Staunton Island, leaving her own son to be raised by Toni Cipriani and Luigi.

Chapter 2: Moving to Los Santos

Part I: A new beginning

Several years had past since the notorious Salvatore Leone was murdered and Mark was twenty one years old, living the same life his father was living attempting to
take over the Family business from Toni. One day Toni and Mark were doing a business deal at the Liberty City Docks with some regular customers, thirty minutes in
and customers hadn't showed up yet so Toni thought they should wait another ten minutes. In a split second, masses of cop cars and FBI trucks and choppers appeared
from nowhere and Mark and Toni were caught, not knowing what to do, they surrendered and were put in jail for seven years. After seven months passed, Mark's cousin
Giovanni and Martin and several other associates and outsiders broke into the cells of Liberty City Police Departmentant and freed Toni and Mark.

Two years after hiding from the feds, Mark couldn't take it anymore, he met with Toni and told Toni he could keep the family business and that he was moving out the city
going somewhere with Giovanni and Martin. Toni hugged and gave Mark a kiss on the cheek and handed him one million dollars for his new beginning as he walked away.
Mark and his two cousins left for Los Santos began a new life, somewhere far from home, somewhere they wouldn't be chased by cops.

Part II: Joining the Italian Pride

Months after arriving in Los Sanots and living in a small house in Glen Park, Mark discovered that there was alot of violence and it reminded him of alot like home, he was now working at
Grotti's Dealership gaining five percent of every sale he made, Mark was living the life or atleast he thought he was. Mark's cousins were pizza boys, although
they came to Los Santos the same time, Mark had gone to college back in Liberty City while they didn't and he had more knowledge. While working at the Grotti's
Dealerships, Mark would always take a walk to this resturant for lunch and dinner.

One night as he was walking out from the resturant after dinner and he saw these two gang bangers beating up a well-dressed rich looking person and decided to help
him out, after injuring the guy, the gang bangers fled and Mark helped the guy up. The guy introduced himself as Bonzo Montana, brother of Marc Montana, leader of
Italian Pride. As Mark talked to Bonzo, they exchanged laughs and they talked about their life stories. Soon after that day, Mark and his cousins were put into
initiation to join the Italian Pride and without hesitating, they managed to complete their job and were recruited as Made Man.

Part III: The uprising of Valentino Mafia

Marc Montana was a fairly young Italian, he had a wife but no kids and two brothers, Chris Montana and Bonzo Montana. Chris Montana was slain at a shoot out with
the Synders almost a year before Mark came to Los Santos. Almost four years had passed since the move to Los Sanots occured and Mark with his cousins were back to
the mafia life and making a very huge amount of money, more than they ever made in Liberty City, however with money came trouble. Marc Montana was being chased by
the feds and his brother Bonzo had gone out of town to do some business deals.

During Mark's time with the Italian Pride, he met this lovely young girl named Olivia who was also working with Italian Pride, along with other girls; Chelsea, Ashley,
Patsy, Emma, Xiao, Juanita but he was close to Olivia and ended up marrying her. Soon after their marriage they took a honeymoon to Las Venturas, Mark's birth place.
Within one week of the honeymoon, Mark was called back by his leader Marc Montana. Marc told him that he was sentenced to jail for life and he was being exported to San
Fierro's Department of Correction.

After Marc's enprisonment, everyone knew it was the downfall of Italian Pride. Five years after Marc's life sentence, Mark decided to take over Italian Pride and renamed it to The Leone Mafia ,
making Martin and Giovanni his partners in crime and Rajon OReilly his underboss. Mark felt as it was his time to take over this city of Los Santos
So he called Toni and had Toni send down some of members from the Leone Mafia down to Los Santos. His wife later gave birth to a beautiful young girl they named Emily.

They decided to take over the restaurant that Marc Montana owned while running the Italian Pride and use this as their base to start their drug circle.
Soon after they were getting bigger and recruiting outsiders and associates to help make money. They started taking control of the city from the west side by Rodeo and their first act of public crime was a Bank Robbery at the Rodeo Bank.

[i] The Ten Commandme[/i]nts

- No one can present himself directly to another of
our friends. There must be a third person to do it.

- Your life is on the line with every introduction
you make.

- Always be avaliable for the Italian Pride, even if
your wife's about to give birth or die.

- Never look at the wives of friends.

- When asked for any information by the boss and
only by the boss, the answer must be the truth.

- Appointments must be respected. If the boss
promotes someone, no questions should be asked
about it.

- Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others.

- Wives and girls must be treated with respect.

- Never leak out information to anyone outside the family.

- Never be seen with cops.


Do you have at least $500,000 in your bank: Yes

Unique rank list:
Rank 6: Godfather
Rank 5: Underboss
Rank 4: Capo
Rank 3: Soldier
Rank 2: Associate
Rank 1: Outsider

Skin ID's For ranks:

Rank 6: 126
Rank 5: 46
Rank 4: 124
Rank 3: 119
Rank 2: 125
Rank 1: 240
Female skin ID : 216-211

Donated for Gang Slot Priority?: No.

Level of the leader: 11

Cars ID's: -487

HQ will be seen by an Admin IG.


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Valentino's Gang Application. Empty Re: Valentino's Gang Application.

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:36 am

This is Aweasome .. Thats is perfect Story !
Good Luck Broda' I Support them .


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Valentino's Gang Application. Empty Re: Valentino's Gang Application.

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Thank you Kartman. Smile


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Valentino's Gang Application. Empty Re: Valentino's Gang Application.

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Holy modafucking shit....
I SUPORT them for sure Wink


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Haha Thank you Shadow Smile


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Very nice SUPPORT


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Thanks mmcro :]


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you go boys cyclops


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Thnx man Smile


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Valentino's Gang Application. Empty Accepted

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Accepted : Congratulation much supportand good application .and good (ig)behaviour We r accept u r request

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Valentino's Gang Application. Empty Re: Valentino's Gang Application.

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