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The Gang Was Created By Willio Beats in 1992 a very honest and hardworking mafia one day thought to make his own cretion named Siclian Security Firm he added many more professional shooters and mafias to his gang one day when he was in a mafia war he had a very new member called Vito_Scaleta who used to be a member of army now he worked as a mafia in that attack he saved life of Willio

Next day Willio called him in his office handed him a award of $2000000 with some new cars and a house with a big garage to fit his life with happiness Vito was now like special one for Willio he was like the second hand of hour gang who made us worked this all went till many years......

Once all was going good but suddenly some attack was done at our HQ~Hangout in that attack luckly Willio was saved and half of the mafias were dead our hangout was burned down to ashes.

Some years later Willio and Vito Sended a letter to all of his members with the information writen below.

''' Letter to all employees ''

Salve, my brothers.We've been in the shadows for a long time, we've been stumped and laughed at. My brothers, we'll take back what's ours! Those traitors...Will pay for their actions. I'm getting old but i will show the new fellas what we're about. God forgive our sins, we have to do it now or never. If you were once with us, come with us now! Stand up for what you want! We're here for you, we, The Council, took action today and will do a great impact.



All employees of the SSF live by the code:
-We talk first and react (shoot) later-
-We rather have you alive than dead-
-Cooperate with Law enforcers under any circumstance-
-Respect all -Tread people the way you want to be treaded -
-Be able to speak coherent English-
-Work in a team formation-
-While beeing on an assignment , complete your mission and get rewarded-
'''Not completing what you have been assigned to, will have consequences'''
-Help out new citizens, and if they are willing to learn, teach them the basics-
-While facing a problem wich can't be resolved with your own actions- Inform your superiours-

1) We try to roleplay to the best of our abilities! Use /b for Out of Character and make sure to use good grammar, No talk liek dis k?

2) The admins aren't enemies, Respect them! If they ask you for something, do it. Also follow all server rules, NO hacking, deathmatching, or abusing exploits or cheating.

3) We ONLY will kill if we have a good enough reason, these include but are not limited to: Acts of war, Getting carjacked, Someone killing one of our members, Self-Defense, Point battles and Death Convoys. As a low rank you are never allowed to shoot first or take revenge without permission. More about trespassing on mansion property later.

4) We are your family, we trust you. You don't bad talk the Don or any of your fellow members! As a member you agree that you will not spy for another gang or family, charge outrageous prices to your fellow family members, steal from other members, spread rumors about other members, or be a total jackass. That'll get you thrown in the river sporting a pair of concrete overshoes.

5) The LSPD are our friends! I have heard from so many cops that all you have to do is roleplay with them and they will let you off with a warning. So to make this one simple, RP with them and they'll let you go.

6) All higher rank members are your boss. You listen to all higher rank members, they most likely have been with us longer than you, therefore they know more. You listen to them or we'll have a problem.

7) Don't randomly start a fucking war or put us in shit with another gang. We don't need enemies... If you don't like someone either avoid them or else try to work it out with them. Also don't be a total dick to people and they will want to be your friend. Simple huh?

Cool Try to have some fun

Well we are all human, therefore we all make mistakes, it’s alright to make mistakes! You will learn from them right? Most mistakes won't be a demotion or anything serious like that, but you would probably have to sit through a lecture. Easy way to avoid punishment?

Don't Love Up

Demotion: The person will be demoted one rank or more until further notice. You can get your rank back, with good behavior.

Redemption: You will have a task to complete, if you fail you are GONE.

Expulsion: You fucked up, only way out is to be killed ,You’re banned from the Mafia,

Violence is a last resort for the Mafia, you talk before you get a gun out. Sometimes problems are caused by simple misunderstandings! Words can go a long way! If the person is still a total dick or maybe things aren't working out? Don't be afraid to put a bullet in him.

Other Factions/Gangs
Respect all other factions! If you are at their HQ and you need to take a car, ASK them. Remember you are a guest! They might take offense to you taking a gang car or coming on their HQ unannounced, we don't need you to make enemies.

Los Santos Police Department
RESPECT THEM TOO! They have more power over you. Easiest thing to do is roleplay when you get pulled over and don't OOC complaint/whine because that will most likely lead to a outrageous jail time and a shitty reputation.

If you ask for them, you will be DEMOTED. You will enter the Mafia as a rank 1, you then will be trained and you will easily will get to rank 2. Rank 3 is when you are accepted and you become a "made man". You now are one of us, which brings differences. You can ask for favors like funds and we’ll deal with your personal problems together more likely. Becoming a Rank 4 is more difficult. It takes much time, show of leadership and loyalty, activity to become capo. Becoming underboss is extremely special and will only occur when we got an open spot and if you’re a great leader. Not for /claim possibilities.

In the Mafia we need you to have a good attitude about things, I mean if you are constantly a dick to us or else constantly in a bad mood that we aren't doing what you EXACTLY want to do, then you leave. We don't need a constant bad attitude in the Mafia. I can understand that every once in a while someone has a bad day, but don't be a shit constantly! We came to play SARP to have fun and have a good time, not listen to constant whining

Basic Training
Basic Training is something that a newbie such as yourself need to get acquainted with. Learn this; it will all be used on a daily basis.

You are a gentleman!

Now Diplomacy I can go on for ages about... Diplomacy basically means to talk or to work something out with words instead of actions. If something happens to you, like for example you have been scammed by a random person, say in walkie talkie /wt I was just scammed, what should I do?" A more experienced member would say, "/wt Who did it, and I will talk to their leader about it" You tell and then we arrange a meeting with that leader. Easy as that, you solve the problems with words, not actions/guns. After you were scammed, don't do "/f OMG WTF SOME ASSHOLE JUST TOOK MY MONEY AAAAAAAA" You ever do that, you're in big trouble. Never get all wild and over act over something like that. It isn't worth it. You are Mafia, you can control yourself and we can work it out no problem. Think before you act.


RANK 6- The Godfather

Rank 5- Consigleri

Rank 4- General Manager

Rank 3- Made Man

Rank 2- Associate

Rank 1- Bodyguard


RANK 6- ID 113

RANK 5- ID 98

RANK 4- ID 295

RANK 3- ID 126

RANK 2- ID 111

RANK 1- ID 124


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Currently your app. is On-Hold i will be assigned over it personally and get out decision soon.
Thanks for applying.
Thank You
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