[GUIDE] Proper /report and /n (HIGH RECOMMENDED GUIDE)

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[GUIDE] Proper /report and /n (HIGH RECOMMENDED GUIDE) Empty [GUIDE] Proper /report and /n (HIGH RECOMMENDED GUIDE)

Post  Chris on Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:13 pm

[center]Okay first of all I am sick with incorrect /report that something more likely an insult and spamming report. Admin needs to clarification the report first to prove is it valid report or not, and ADMIN WOULDN'T DISCRIMINATE ANYONE! yes we care all of our player not only player who are Donating to this server, Admin IRL Friends, or In-Game faction members and friends. Also please take a not DO NOT PM ADMIN REGARDING ADMIN ASSISTANCE, we found out this very annoying, if you're contacting to us through PM we can sure we're not gonna read your PM.

If you find someone who breaks the server rule please /report it with polite words here are some nice example.

/report [id/name of rule breaker] has just DMing me
/report [id/name of rule breaker] has just RKing me

not like this

/report [id/name of rule breaker] this asshole fuckin' DM me!
/report [id/name of rule breaker] this cunts fuckin' RK me!

Newbie chat

Please keep in your mind if newbie chat or /n only used for F&Q SECTION not to report players, talking OOCly (there's /o) or something like that, and you better ask about the Server game mode only on this chat

here's good example
/n Can I used a mask ?
/n What cmds to buy a house?

don't use it like this
/n What the Love [xxxx] just DM me
/n damn my internet so lagg

[color=pink]Hope this guide help you guys to do proper /report and /n .

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