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Guide to Medium Roleplay Empty Guide to Medium Roleplay

Post  Chris on Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:22 pm

Basic Rules for Medium Roleplay:
- IC all the time (Ignore those bitching OOCly in RPing)
OOC always ruins RP, it spams the shit out of IC chat and we hardly see the /me's and /do's.

- RP everything even noone was looking.
This is important as players always magic'ly spawns stuffs without knowing it was there like taking some badge from his pocket that they never even RP putting in it.

- Use the scripts in the server with RP (E.g. Commands like /lockhouse, /call etc.)
Players always unlock a house without taking a key from anywhere thats bad really unrealistic.

- Don't accept people who goes OOC all the time to your family/faction
This is good as they have mission to stop their OOC habits just to get in family/faction.

- Respects interiors given by the server.
Most interiors scripted here were not even used all the times like the hospital interior in All Saints, they should bring any fatally injured civilians there to RP. Also most of the gang HQ was not used for roleplay much since now. We need to create a habit on it, like paying members ICly for working in the HQ and such.

- Talk the way like what your Character is Roleplaying.
We don't want Japanese talk like the blacks as its really unrealistic, so that must change.

- Unholster your weapons with roleplay.
Don't just magic'ly spawn large firearms from yourself if you're bring a large firearm, RPly store it in your trunks so it would look more realistic.

Roles for Civilians
RP your Materials/Firearm/Drug Dealing.
RP before you bring your stuffs to the customer.

* Shizzy Crowley opens his cupboard and takes out an AK47 and a Briefcase.
* Shizzy Crowley places unlocks the Briefcase and place the AK47 inside then closes it after.
* Briefcase is packed with the AK47 (( Shizzy Crowley ))

Also when you get out of your house you'll also need to RPly lock your house.

* Shizzy Crowley takes his house key from his suit, locking his house after.
* Door is locked (( Shizzy Crowley ))
* Shizzy Crowley places back his house key underneath his suit

When you get to your car, RP turning on the engine aswell.

* Shizzy Crowley takes out his car key from his suit and presses a button.
* Car's door is unlocked (( Shizzy Crowley ))
* Shizzy Crowley places his Briefcase on the passenger seat.
* Shizzy Crowley uses his car key to turn on the engine.
* Engine is now on (( Shizzy Crowley ))

Also when you drive, drive RPly if you accidentally knocked someone you might want to RP instead of just drive along. Just imagine that your car cost a million and you really don't want it wrecked. When you reached the destination park on a parking lot, instead of the side of the road. Also don't use much shortcuts when driving its really non-RP. When you reached to your customer, you should show some good roleplay.

* Daisuke Nigata looks around the parking lot for his customer.
* Do I notice Shizzy? (( Daisuke Nigata ))

* Yes you do (( Shizzy Crowley ))
* Daisuke Nigata approaches to Shizzy Crowley, knocking at the car door.
* Do I get your attention ? (( Shizzy Crowley ))
* Yes, I'm looking at you (( Shizzy Crowley ))
* Shizzy Crowley opens the door and went outside, taking the Briefcase with him.
* Holding a Briefcase (( Shizzy Crowley ))

Shizzy Crowley says: [Japanese Accent] Konichiwa Daisuke-Sama, I got your gun.
Daisuke Nigata says: [Japanese Accent] Alright Shizzy. I got your money too

* Daisuke Nigata looks at the Briefcase and lifts his Briefcase and opens it slightly.
* You see a sum of cash estimated $25,000 (( Daisuke Nigata ))

Shizzy Crowley says: [Japanese Accent] Great, we should do this fast, cops are patrolling.
* Shizzy Crowley looks at the Briefcase and nods and opens his Briefcase slightly.
* You see AK47 inside (( Shizzy Crowley ))
* Shizzy Crowley offers his Briefcase to Daisuke Nigata for an exchange.
* Succeed / Failed (( Shizzy Crowley ))

* Succeed (( Daisuke Nigata ))
* Daisuke Nigata exchanges his Briefcase with Shizzy's.

Daisuke Nigata says: [Japanese Accent] Alright, I'll see you soon Shizzy.
Shizzy Crowley says: [Japanese Accent] You too. Sayonara Daisuke-Sama.

* Shizzy Crowley walks towards his car while getting in and drive off immediately.
You could call the cops to join the roleplay if you have time.
Roles of family/gangs.
Gangs should stay more in their HQ for roleplay and their leader should reward them money for their roleplay so it would encourage them to roleplay more instead of doing things without roleplay. Gang leaders should assign task for them like in real life gangs do so they could reward them for IC money. Ranks also should be given if the members can RP not on how long they stayed in the gang or good at doing points. Also they should do more things like kidnaps and more roleplay events.

Roles of factions.
Factions are important as they are suppose to be the role model for SARP for the newbies, as majority of newbies would want to join factions.

Factions like FBI/LSPD should not bring other guns than Desert Eagle and MP5 as real life, cops don't patrol with Spas, M4, etc. Also they should attend any 911 calls, even the non-rp one, they should guide some newbies if they metagame so they would know what to do next time when they dialing 911.( Like not to MG names and etc. ) Also other faction such as, LSFMD, Senate Security should not attend any Most Wanted pursuit like what they do now, they were trying to be cops instead of their role. LSFMD also should regularly attend in situations like kidnap, bankrob and etc. so they could also RP with them by treating the injured first aid or bringing them to hospital.

Also while using radio, especially for LSPD and FBI. When asking for back up. You should asked like this:
/d Please give us a beacon on the GPS.
Instead of:
/d /bk ))

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