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SFPD Application

In Character Information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Contact Number:
-3 (Negative Three)
Place of Birth/Origin:
Unity Station
Retired NOOSE Vice Commander
Current Address:
Ocean Flats (San Fierro)
Years lived in San Andreas:
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Have you ever served time in prison?
Can you communicate effectively in the English language?
Do you have a Drivers License and a Weapons License?
Have you ever been in a gang or criminal organization?
Do you posses any Law Enforcement knowledge?
Do you know your way around San Fierro well?
Why do you wish to join the San Fierro Police Department?
I want to join the SFPD because i dont like criminals, i hate them. I want to get rid off them completly, i would be off great use when purging the streets from criminals, that's what i want to do - Keep the streets clean. And i've seen SFPD doing things like that.

Sure i've done this and that, but it was just for the sake of money when i needed them. And it was a stupid misstake. But now im clean.And it was my dream from childhood.
Why do you think, out of all the applicants, you will be the one to be employed?
I thing that y'all should hire me is because i work for the things i like to complete, and that's why this job is perfect for me - It would give me the right to put these bad boys behind bars and seve their prison time.

My Goal with this is to purge the streets from the bad boys & Hood Rats. Teaching them that there is more than just gang banging to do. Whick i learned from my actions - Im not saying that im perfect, but im clean.
Life Biography
My name is Harry Singh a twenty one year old man. I was born in the city of Untiy Station in the year of 1991.My dad worked as a Banker and my mother was a housewife.

My life was kinda sweet, i got almost everything i asked for and we lived in a humongous penthouse with twenty rooms, it was the biggest in town.

One day when my father was at the bank he did what he had to do at work when suddenly you could hear a car pull up, the doors popped and several men came running out of the car and stormed the bank. They pulled out their guns and screamed - Telling everyone to shut the fuck up and lay down on the ground. My father who was quick enough; pressed the button and ran into the bank valve. After five minutes the whole are was surrounded by cops and the robbers where caught. And that's how my dad got the front page of the Liberty News. And that's when i first thought that it was cool to be a cop.

When i turned seven, my dad, my mom and me moved to Los Santos because my dad got a new job as the Vice Boss at the Krutz Tower. I didn't mind about it because he told me good thing about it. And then i turned fifteen. That's when i got curious about what goes on in the other side of the streets. Known as the Ghettos where the African American's & Mexicans lived. I made some friends from there and what i didn't know was that they were criminals.When i come to know i just called the police and with the help of police put them all in jail.
From that very day i have a will to join SFPD whenever i see an SFPD officer going on street i have a very great feeling for him.I loved to be an SFPD officer so that i can put these all dirty criminals illegal smugglers or people who transport drugs do illegal trucking i want to arrest these all.
The day i turned twenty one i took my dad's car and drove off to San Fierro - I entered the San Fierro Metropolitan Police Department and took an employment sheet, and here i am. Writing my life down in short words.

Out of Character Information:

Country of origin:
How long have you been playing on this server?
From the day it started.
Have you been warned/banned? If so, how many times were you warned/banned and what were they for?
Do you have a working microphone?
Are you prepared to use TeamSpeak?
Do you have any previous roleplay experience as a cop?
Yes , VICE Commander of NOOSE.
Your character's stats (screenshot):
Harry Singh SFPD Application RMZm2


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Harry Singh SFPD Application Empty Accepted

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Accepted congratulation u r Application Accepted

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