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Post  Guest on Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:33 pm

Gang Name: True Brotherhood Style

Gang Leader: Chris Kevin

Gang Co-Leader: Kevin Breeze

True Brotherhood Style [TBS]

Located in – True Brotherhood Style is located in Los Santos.San Andreas though has some leftover in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. Kowloon City Triad is said to lead criminal activities on global plan.

Found by - No information on the founders. Its said to be monks from the underworld of Kowloon City.

Territory – Prior to their migration to Los Angeles and San Andreas they ran most of Kowloon City. N/A present.

Ethnicity – The ethnicity of Three Harmonies Society is wide. Every insider is said to be Chinese-American, though they appear to have associates from all over the world.

Membership – No information on their size. Its said to be demenishing since its migration from Kowloon City, when they consisted of several thousands.

Criminal activities – Assumed members have been charged for racketeering, conspiracy, blackmailing, loansharking, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, extortion, pornography and prostitution, bookmarking, hazard and illegal gambling.

The True Brotherhood Style originated in Hong Kong, set up in the 1990's by the traditional monks in the Kowloon City district. The society originally consisted of Kowloon natives entirely, however, shortly grasped monks migrating from both Kwun Tong and Tai Po. Eventually (whilst they grew) monks from all around Hong Kong joined. The gangs purpose has always been to persist cooperating monks of Kowloon, though it has always been built on making money and taking a spot in the underworld.
In 2007 the society clashed with the Chinese Communist Party repeatedly and hence migrated to Los Angeles, California to losen up. The society was weakened, losing approximately three to four hundred associates and was therefore unnoticed for several years.

By the start of 2012 rumors said that the society had made it to San Andreas. According to SANews this is not something that the public services (yet) worry about; baring in mind the several criminal organizations already terrorizing the city and it's safety.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation officialy initiated a case file on Three Harmonies Society around June 2004; however, conspiracy leaves suspicions that the indigenous society had begun with criminal activities in Los Angeles by the late 1980's.

Hong Kong Police force hasn't pursued the TBS furthermore. District Police of Kowloon City said that the society can be related to racketeering, conspiracy, loan sharking, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, pornography, gambling and much more.

Chinese criminal societies have been some of the most influencing among the world’s evolution for the past few decades and it's growth won't stop just yet according to experts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The problem with the Triad is that you cannot shut them down due to their organization; no crime can be directly connected to them and the feds can therefore only arrest few men, not shut down whole organizations. Hong Kong Police Force had it's focus point around TBS and managed to deminish the society.

Altogether TBS principally stays a phantom. The society has not – thus far – been charged in the United States of America. Numerous men whom the Los Angeles Police Department believes are related to the society have been arrested, however, nobody testified or gave in.


Recruitment for TBS takes place in the streets, in public institutions and in prisons. Some techniques for recruitment (appears) to include: seduction, subterfuge, obligation, coercion, and self-recruitment.

The Triad usually lure people into joining. They go for the people that appear to be weak or interested rather than adequate and doing well. For instance “glorified myths about the society that are very attractive”1 such as “money, power, sex and glamour.” Parties are very useful ways for The Triad to recruit new members. (Seduction)

Additionally there's tendency to make a “misrepresentation of what the society really is and what it stands for.”2 This includes lying to the individual e.g., telling him/her that his/her group is not a criminal organization. TBS target kids who don’t have a good home life, convincing them that they aren’t loved at home but that the society is there for them. (Subterfuge)

A member of the society may do a favor for a person, and then expect or demand in return a favor from the individual. (Obligation)

Situationally the TBS (due to its size and power) increase membership by forcing the individual to join, threatening the individual and/ or his/her family. (Coercion)

Illegal immigration and human smuggling

According to Carthage Courier, TBS “is thought to have resurfaced and established a major smuggling center” in Los Angeles. Unlike their western counterparts, the Triads often work exclusively within their own ethnic groups and are therefore almost invisible to the police. These high profiled Chinese gangs are best known for trafficking heroin and opium but are in recent years increasingly involved in the smuggling of illegal aliens. U.S. officials estimate that up to 100,000 Chinese are illegally smuggled into the country each year, many of them forced to live in involuntary servitude for years while they work off their debt to the gangsters. Compared to other Triad societies, TBS appear to be more violent and notorious in the overseas trafficking market due to its high profit, and its members seem to be more loosely connected and at times out of control as no dragonhead is able to govern all its factions. Residing in often overcrowded Chinatowns its members fade into nothing in the masses.

Unique Rank list:
R6: Commander
R5: Deputy Commander
R4: Gunman
R3: Bodyguard
R2: Mechanic
R1: Bartender

Skins, vehicles & HQ

3 Patriot
3 Sultan
3 Burrito
2 Maverick
2 Freeway

Dress Code:
There is no set skin ID to a rank. Our members may wear whatever fits their roleplay and character. If they choose to use a skin listed here or not is none of our concern.

Why should we be given a gang?
Because we're some of the few who still encourage and enjoy roleplay. Leaving us with a gang will not only leave us with a lot of fun; it will boost roleplay around and within us. As per our experience, the record talks for it self. We have lead and been a part of the greatest gangs over time and we've always made the best of it.

What can you expect from us?
We will be providing an extremely realistic portrayal of the Chinese-American Triad (while trying to adapt it to the society of San Andreas) shown throughout our doings, assembly and comportment.
Upon joining you must be encouraged and put effort into learning all about our Triad, such as our point of view and behavior. You need plenty of interest and you must speak, understand and most important write English very well. Finally you must adapt to the cultural experiences of China and Triad.

We will be persuading a high standard of roleplay that is not yet seen globally on the server. Our wish is to create a place for these few roleplayers who are exceptional and for these who intend to become so.
With no intentions of being disrespectful I have to say, that we're here to give you a better, more relateable Triad. We're not here to compete or bash on the current one, but rather to enligthten the server and the Black Hand Triad.

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Post  Admin on Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:53 am

Good application tell to u u need atleaset 3 memeber and support show ur {RP} in city and collect support and +point for accepting application of luck

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Post  Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:06 am

I will SUPPORT under one condition, Is you see you guys RPing with us or something.

And btw Kevin is a Medic so how can he join the family.....

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Post  Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:45 pm

Its Kevin Chiller there. and i will took the support from other people.



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Post  Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:45 pm

i hight /support it......


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Post  Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:47 pm

The two new guys Ryan Navera, Shawn Marshall have been recruited to TBS.


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Post  Guest on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:04 am

SUPPORT Good luck Smile


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