What is NoN-RP Selling / Buying

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What is NoN-RP Selling / Buying Empty What is NoN-RP Selling / Buying

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:44 pm

Non-RP trading/selling/buying is when you broadcast your trades with no particular person being targeted via chat commands.

  • Example: /do SIGN: Selling [E-GR] INFERNUS 1.5MILL!
  • Example 2: /s VEST ME!
  • Example 3: /s Selling mp5 4k spas12 120k and crack!

It is also considered Non-RP to sell illegal items such as guns or drugs in such a public manner, and you should consider how drug dealers would conduct a drug deal in real life. They would go behind an alley way, talk quietly, look out for cops. You should also consider how you wish to portray your character's image in a roleplay scenario.

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