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((OOC/IC)) Information and Requirements Empty ((OOC/IC)) Information and Requirements

Post  Breeze on Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:51 pm

Fire Department Of San-Andreas

((OOC/IC)) Information and Requirements O6lo52

Wanting to join FDSA?

Fire Department San Andreas (aka FDSA) is a faction where you learn, help and save the community of San Andreas. FDSA consist of 4 divisions, Human Resources, Life Flight, Fire Rescue and EMS. Each of these divisions has their own duties to provide to San Andreas.

When joining FDSA you will be defaulted to “Emergency Medical Service” (aka EMS). This division is the default division and is very important as it consist of saving lives.

Human Resources (aka HR) is the division where we recruit new San Andreas citizens to FDSA and to make sure FDSA members are doing the correct thing. It’s a very important division and everything must be done correctly.

Fire Rescue (aka FR) is the division that protects the community of San Andreas from fires and many other kinds of duties.


Before applying for FDSA you must meet our requirements.

IC Requirements

- Must have an RP name (Capitals for first letters)
- Must be over the age of 18
- Must have over 350 words in your BIO
- Must have less then 25 arrest
- Must have less then 15 grammar mistakes
- Must have less then 10 punctuation mistakes
- Must have a driving license (Being introduced soon)
- Must have lived in San Andreas for over 5 years
- Must have had 2 previous jobs
- Must have 3 references (Being introduced soon)
- Must have a contact number (IG number not IRL number)
- Must have a portable radio

OOC Requirements

- Must have Teamspeak installed
- Must have a working Mic
- Must be able to speak English clearly
- Must be over the age of 14
- Must be able to play more then 7 hours a week.
- Must have basic medical knowledge
Rules & Regulations

- Must respect all members of FDSA
- Must never abuse vehicles, equipment or commands
- Must obey all high commands (R2 or higher)
- Must be in Teamspeak at all times when on duty
- Must never carry illegal weapons
- Must never carry drugs of any sort
- More here

We hope you meet our requirements and good luck on applying for FDSA. If you apply, your application may take around 24 to 48 hours to be analyzed (1-2 days).

Kevin Breeze
Director of Human Resources.


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