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((OOC/IC))Recruitment Status: OPEN Empty ((OOC/IC))Recruitment Status: OPEN

Post  Breeze on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:36 pm

Recruitment is currently: OPENED

Currently the recruitment is open and we are now accepting applications for people that have lived in San Andreas for 3 Years or more. ((Level 3+.)) Feel free to make a application to begin your way to join the Fire Department of San-Andreas. Remember, Not everyone is accepted into the department, If you are denied try to correct the errors that you have made on your application and re-apply within the next three to five days. Attempting to join the department after being denied while not waiting three to five days will result in your application being permanently denied.Before applying, The Human Resource team highly suggest that you fully read our handbook, and all of our recruitment documents before applying for the department, as you will have to conduct a interview with The Human Resource team. We ask for you to not message anyone within the department regarding your application. If you do message anyone within the department regarding to your application, you will be automatically denied. We wish you best of luck with your journey attempting to join the Fire Department of San-Andreas.


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