[READ ME] San Fierro Police Department Requirements & Hiring Process

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[READ ME] San Fierro Police Department Requirements & Hiring Process  Empty [READ ME] San Fierro Police Department Requirements & Hiring Process

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San Fierro Police Department
Requirements & Recruitment Process

We have provided this information pamphlet to let all new applicants know the basic requirements and the steps that they must go through when joining the San Fierro Police Department. The most important thing that you must be aware of is our recruitment status, if we are not accepting applications then your application will be immediately denied for one week (in which recruitment could open). The San Fierro Police Department takes pride in the staff that we hire and that same pride and respect must be given to the department. We are a team and we work together even when times are hard.

The following are the bare minimum requirements that all applicants must meet before submitting an application, failure to meet these requirements will result in your application being immediately denied.
Your own personal radio with working receiver and transmitter. (( TeamSpeak & Working Microphone ))
You must have been a citizen of San Andreas for at least eight years. (( Level 8+ ))
You must be able to speak and write clear and concise English.
You cannot have known gang affiliations. (( Been known to be in a family or known to be corrupt ))
You must have an upstanding reputation within the Country of San Andreas.
You must be of age ((Age 15 or older in real life)).

If you fulfill this requirement the next step is to read the "Department Policies" of the SFPD. You can find all of our policies here.

(( Corruption Policy - Out of Character and In-Character ))
(( The San Fierro Police Department has an absolutely zero tolerance policy for corruption whether it be out-of-character or in-character. If you are wanting to join the San Fierro Police Department with the hopes of being corrupt and getting away with it you will be extremely disappointed. If you are found to be corrupt (with in-character or out-of-character evidence) you will be terminated from the San Fierro Police Department. This is a very strict zero tolerance policy.

Despite the "popular belief" that you cannot be fired from a faction for an out-of-character reason, being in a faction itself is out-of-character your have the rights and the duty to role-play a police officer - but being in my faction is not a right it's a privilege. You can role-play a police officer without being in a faction and without having a badge, but your rank and your actual status of being in the San Fierro Police Department (in-game anyway) is out-of-character.

That being said, if you are found in-characterly being corrupted you will be apprehended and you will be in-characterly terminated, but violation of server rules, abuse of power, and well generally being stupid is not permitted. ))

Application Sorting:
If your application is accepted, it is assigned a class (A or B) and a number (in order of received) and then applications will be processed accordingly. The A series of applications are applications that go above and beyond the requirements and expectations. The B series of applications meet but do not exceed the requirements.

(( Recruitment Stages: ))
(( There are several stages of recruitment in the San Fierro Police Department, it is not as simple as just posting an application and being accepted. Below we will list all the stages of recruitment.
[Stage 1] Pending Application
Once you have submitted your application, you are required to patiently wait in the "[Stage 1] Pending Application" channel on TeamSpeak, at this point all you are required to do is wait patiently for one of our Recruitment Corporals (or Sergeant) to reply to your application on the forums. Do not private message anyone who is in our TeamSpeak channels on this stage as they are working and it could cause your application to be denied.
[Stage 2] Pending Interview
Once your application has been accepted you will have to wait for an interview with a different Recruitment Corporal (or Sergeant) in the "[Stage 2] Pending Interview" channel. At this point you are expected to read the Department Policy, and all of the Recruitment Documentation before your interview.
[Stage 3] Pending Ride-along
Once you have completed your Interview (and passed) you will be set to go on a ride-along with a Field Training Officer for a period of forty-five minutes to show you around the city and test some of your knowledge about law enforcement. It is at this point you will be informed if you made it as a Cadet.

Cadet Equivalency Tests & Final Examination
During your course of being a Cadet there are two options you can take to become an Officer they are listed below.

Cadet to Officer A

(If you pass your evaluation on "Day 5" you will follow this schedule.)
You only need to continue past "Day 7" if you fail your Final Examination the first time, if you fail it the second time on "Day 10" you will be terminated.

Cadet to Officer B

(If you fail your evaluation on "Day 5" of schedule A you will follow this schedule.)
If you fail your "Day 10" Examination you will be terminated.


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