San Fierro Police Department Officer Complaint Form [OOC]

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San Fierro Police Department Officer Complaint Form [OOC]

Post  Guest on Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:18 pm

Use the form below to report an officer. You can report them for ANY reason, IC or OOC it will be reviewed by a member of high command and you will be informed of the actions taken. If you don't have sufficient proof then don't bother posting. You can submit a player report and complaint form. Totally up to you. This is just another option to resolve the situation effectively and a little bit quicker than a Player report.

IC Name(s):
When did this occur?(IG /time or use /timestamp):
witness or witnesses:
.Recommended punishment:
I _________ Certify that all information provided has been appropriately derived from actions that occured. I also certifly that any OOC lies or any faults I make in this post that are against the rules may self incriminate myself and a counter-report be made.
Furthermore, thank you for your report, a member of our high command staff will reply as soon as possible.


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