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San Fierro Police Department.

((OOC/IC)) Information and Requirements  9jkprr

About us:

The San Fierro Police Department is a very well placed together Law Enforcement Agency. The San Fierro Police Department has a great administration team, Very well put together Low Command and High Command, and a very strong set of mem and women who show their strength in this department. The San Fierro Police Department attempts to be the best Law Enforcement Agency as we can, And we wish to continue to get better as we go along. The San Fierro Police Department has a very wide set of Jurisdiction. As a member of the department, you are able to patrol in the following location. The city of San Fierro, Flint County, Back-O-Beyond, Angel Pine, and Whetstone. The San Fierro Police Department has the authority to patrol, detain and arrest anywhere within the the department's jurisdiction. The San Fierro Police Department contains over seventy (70) officers, Five separate division's (Human Resources,Internal Affairs,Detectives,Special Weapons and Strategy, and Department of Corrections.) that have their own director. The San Fierro Police Department has a well structured High Command, Which has the following dedicated people. Fayth Fleming as the rank of Chief of Police, Joy Nicole Lillis as the rank of Deputy Chief, Frankie Ozborne as the rank of Commander, Robert Donahue as the rank of Captain, Alexander Tashi as the rank of Captain, and Patryk Ridgway as the rank of Captain. These people are currently High Command in our department as they have shown outstanding work and dedication.

Our Objective:

The San Fierro Police Department has a very important part in the role of Law Enforcement. Our objective is to stop illegal activities in the city of San Fierro through the rest of our jurisdiction.But, That is not the only thing that we do. The San Fierro Police Department assist's not only in our jurisdiction, but we can give quick and reliable backup to any department that requests our assistance. We attempt to aid our fellow Law Enforcement Agencies the best as we could, and we hope that other agencies help us as well in case of emergencies.

Our Divisions:

The San Fierro Police Department contains five great divisions. Each division has a purpose and gets the job done within our department, Now let me describe each division.

Human Resources: - Human Resources is a very important division of The San Fierro Police Department. This division handles the recruitment of the department as well as the training of cadets and officers. From the rank of cadet you will meet with Human Resources. As well, as when you apply to The San Fierro Police Department, Human resources is the division that accepts and deny your applications also giving you interviews. Human Resources is a great division to show your skills in this department as is shows that you understand the rules and that you clearly know everything there is to know about this department.

Internal Affairs: - Internal Affairs assist high command on keeping a handle of this department. Internal Affairs deals with anyone who is breaking rules in this department. Internal Affairs inspects every officer that is in this department, making sure that he or she follows the rules that are given, making sure that they are loyal officers, and finally, they assist in giving punishments. Internal Affairs use something called IA Strikes, You receive a IA Strike as a punishment from something that you have done wrongfully. After a certain amount of Internal Affairs strikes, you are given different levels of punishment as it goes from suspension all the way to termination! Internal Affairs shows great responsibility and shows a very well knowledge in administration.

Department Of Corrections: - Department of Corrections is a High Facility Prison that is located in San Fierro near Doherty. Department of Corrections handle suspects that are placed into prison, and they will serve this full sentence in this prison. Being in this division will give you the ability to guard the prison under the warden and the deputy warden. The current warden of the Department of Corrections prison is Gary Mooney and the deputy warden is Adam Fox.

Special Weapons and Tactics: - Special Weapons and Tactics is a very fun division in the San Fierro Police Department. This division, Well lets just say it kicks ass. In this division you are able to drive around in something called a HSIU. A HSIU is known as a High Speed Interceptor Unit. These vehicles consist of a Buffalo and a Infernus. Aswell you get to carry very high performance weapons like the SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun and the Remington Arms M24 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle. Being in SWAT you have the ability to drive armored vehicles like the Splashy, Enforcers, and SWAT Trucks!

Detective Division: - Last but not least, the Detective Division. This division is a very unique division that consist of very brave men and woman who risk there lives undercover to get information on very high risked criminals. In this division you have the ability to create case files and have the ability to drive unmarked vehicles!


The San Fierro Police Department currently has a Six (6) rank structure.

Chief - The Chief of Operations will oversee operations of the department as whole.

Captain - The Captain may write-up, suspend and terminate officers holding the rank of Cadet, Officers, Corporals and Sergeants. The Captain, along with the San Fierro Police Department Administration, will oversee the operations of the department. The Captain will be the last part in the chain of command. The Captain will also help create new policies and procedures for the San Fierro Police Department. The Captain will recommend officers to the Chief of Police and Chief of Operations that he/she feels deserves a promotion or a demotion. The Captain needs to enforce Department Policy to the highest standards. Acts as the final contact in the chain of command, unless the issue needs to advance further to the Chief of Operations or the Chief of Police. The Captain is the head of the departments divisions and has final say over everything, and if the lowest rank available as a public contact officer. Captains will also be assigned the duty of distributing badges to cadets entering the field training division if they are accepted. The Administrative Captain's primary duty is to focus on the administrative side of the department, as well as being a command staff assistant, duties include (not limited to):
- General Administrative Work
- Intra-Department Relations (with the LSPD,SAAS, NOOSE and FBI)
- Forum Management
- Department Policy Enforcement
The Operations Captain has the sole duty of making sure that the department is running to it's full capacity (in-game) and making sure that all Directors (Lieutenants) and Assistant Directors (Sergeants) are managing their divisions. Duties include (but not limited to)
- Making sure that all divisions are running to their fullest capacity
- Addressing any issues that the Directors have with their divisions
- Managing the in-game aspect of the department

Lieutenant - The Lieutenant will have complete control over the division they are assigned to, under the command of their respective Captain. Lieutenants can write-up and suspend lower ranking officers (Cadets, Officers, Corporals and Sergeants). The Human Resources Lieutenant is the Director of the Human Resources Division and has final say on what happens within their division and is solely responsible for what happens within their division. The Emergency Response Team Lieutenant is the Director of the Emergency Response Team and has final say on what happens within their division and is solely responsible for what happens within their division. The Operations Lieutenant is the Director of Operations and has final say on what happens within their division and is solely responsible for what happens within their division.

Sergeant - The Sergeant, whenever on-duty, will be the Shift Supervisor on-duty. If there are multiple Sergeants, the Shift Supervisor will be the Sergeant who was on-duty first. If by chance that Shift Supervisor leaves, it will go to the next Sergeant who came online. Patrol Sergeants will be mandatory Field Training Officers (in the respect that they will be required to take a cadet with them if one is available). Sergeants will moderate the forum and keep all the forums clean. Sergeants will be the assistant director of a division.
Sergeants may write-up Cadets, Officers and Corporals but cannot suspend or terminate. Sergeants will also enforce the Department Policy of the San Fierro Police Department.

Corporal - All Corporals will follow the same duties as an Officer, but have the ability to supervise units. They have no authority to issue disciplinary action but are allowed to take proactive or correctional action. They do not recieve access to the supervisor boards or supervisor abilities with databases. They strictly supervise units immediately in the field while on duty. Corporal duties within a division, a corporal may have more duties and power over other officers within that division at the discretion of the director of the division. The rank of Corporal will only be assigned to an officer who has proven that they understand and follow the entire department policy, they provide extraordinary service to the people of San Andreas and do not lack in common sense.

Officer - All Officers will enforce the state law of San Andreas. They will provides Superior Service in the aspect of Law Enforcement. All deputies will answer all calls for service and emergencies. All Officers will continue to provide for the San Fierro Police Department.

Cadet - All Cadets will enforce the state law of San Andreas. There job is mostly to get trained by human resources so they can be on there way to be an officer. Cadets mostly will be able to go on MPS Duty, which is the use of the tow truck.


In order to be a part of The San Fierro Police Department, You must be a level seven player, and you must play atleast for about 3 to 5 hours a day. You are to be active in this department, or else you will face termination. If anything personal pops up, we ask for you to make a leave of absence.

In order to be a part of The San Fierro Police Department, You must have Teamspeak 3 installed on your computer aswell as a working microphone. You must also be able to speak fluent English. We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate in a fast manor and in a clean, clear manor.

Hopefully now, you are able to understand The San Fierro Police Department, and giving you a further thought about joining us! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thanks For Reading..
Chief Chris Kevin


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