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[Recruitment Status = OPEN]Recruitment Information. Empty [Recruitment Status = OPEN]Recruitment Information.

Post  Guest on Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:08 am

Must have lived in Los Santos for the required amount of time.

(( You must be at least level 5 with at least 45 total playing hours. ))

Must be at least 21 years old.

(( You won't be denied if you're below the age of 21 in your stats screenshot. ))

Life biography must contain a minimum of 100+ words.

(( Your biography must be at least 100 words ))

Must be able to use Central Dispatch.

(( You must have a working microphone and TeamSpeak installed. ))

Must not be, or have been, employed in any sort of illegal job or organization. (Such as drug dealing/smuggling, arms dealing, or prostitution.)

(( You cannot possess more than 100 crimes or 2 or more Warnings. You will not be denied for having an illegal job in your stats screenshot. ))

Must be in a good physical and mental condition.

(( You must be able to Roleplay properly and not have your application metagame'd. ))

Must be able to write and speak fluent English.

(( This is for OOC and IC purposes. If we cannot understand you on TeamSpeak we can decline you. ))

Must know the Los Santos area well.

(( You must know all the basic locations within Los Santos, such as: Idlewood, Rodeo Bank, Flint Bridge, ect. You WILL be tested on this. ))

Must have a valid identification.

(( You must have an updated character screenshot, /stats. ))

U r Chief Manpreet_Singh
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