Taxi Cab Company Procedures.

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Taxi Cab Company Procedures. Empty Taxi Cab Company Procedures.

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Taxi Cab Service
Application / Training Procedure

Step 1: The Application This is the most vital part of the recruitment process. It tests your English language skills, your OOC server knowledge, your in-character general knowledge, as well as giving us re-assurance that you were able to successfully able to apply using the correct form.
Step 2: The Interview After your application meets the minimum requirements, and you seem enthusiastic enough, your application is set to the "pending interview" stage.
WHAT does that mean? Well, the interview consists of IC questions mainly to test your enthusiasm and interest of the faction. It also consists of OOC rule questions(So be sure to get familiar with the server offenses before applying!) This part of the recruitment process also ensures you are truly interested in the faction and your English skills WILL be tested.
Step 3: The Invite After succesfully passing the interview, you will receive an in game invite from a Faction Leader. DO NOT bug any faction leaders (R6/5) about getting an invite, you can get denied and dismissed on the spot for this. Be patient, the applications are checked everyday, and when you are seen, you will be invited when the Faction Leader is not busy.
Step 4: The Training This stage is where you will be informed about the commands while being in the taxi company. (like how to get on and off duty , what to do when your introuble etc etc) , once you have been informed and trained it is then advisable to request to join the taxi usergroup , also post on the roster then when accepted read the contents of the 'New Employees Forum'.
Step 5: The Test and Release After being trained and recommended for promotion to Taxi Operator, you will meet with one of the Directors, who will speak with you, ask you a few questions, and administer a final test of their choosing (It may be a written/verbal test on policies and rules, or it may be an IG ridealong, so be prepared.) If the Director decides to release you he/she will promote you in the faction or give your name to whoever can promote, and you will be assigned your taxi and route.

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